This website is dedicated to the "pursuit of wellness." The way you think about wellness will dictate how you approach the idea of wellness, itself. How clear you are about the factors that will hinder your success is critical, factors like lifestyle, nutrition, the healthcare profession, drugs, environmental toxicity, etc.

Dr. Nortin M. Hadler, author of Worried Sick, A Prescription for Health in an Overtreated America, describes wellness as "having some sense of invincibility; the feeling that nothing, or nothing more will happen to me that I can't overcome." Without fully understanding the many challenges to becoming and remaining well, the person whose sense of invincibility can't be rattled will be rare, indeed.

Dr. David Williams, Editor of Alternatives, one of 10 best health publications in America, has said, "The #1 cause of death today is not a germ or a virus, it's ignorance," and again,  "For every illness, there is a country where it simply doesn't exist," so "He who dies of a conquered disease dies a martyr to the cause of ignorance!"

We don't want anyone to become a "martyr to the cause of ignorance!" In this Featured Health Articles section you will find articles relating to the truth about challenges to your health and well-being. We take the gloves off in these well-documented and well-researched (lengthy at times) offerings, to expose some of the missinformation and outright lies about things most people accept as truth about health and wellness.

Please consider this entire section, and share the articles, and the website, itself, with others. Thank you for visiting out website.   Questions??? Contact Lyle at 800-829-9913, or e-mail him at ultrahealth@cs.com.

  1. BulletFLUORIDE POISONING: It’s All Over...

  2. BulletHow the AMA Hooks You on Drugs, Harms Your Health and Hurts the Earth

  3. BulletThe Truth About Cancer Research

  4. BulletHepatitis B Vaccine Triples Autism Risk

  5. BulletThe Truth About HPV Vaccines

  6. BulletUnderstanding Your Lymphatic System

  7. BulletHeart Healthy Diet Killing Millions Every Year

  8. BulletYour Blood Pressure and Your Mind

  9. BulletUS Government Admits Autism-Vaccination Link

  10. BulletThe Health Benefits of Apples

  11. BulletHealth Experts Sound Off About Vaccinations

  12. BulletThe Flawed Vaccination Theory

  13. BulletThe Truth About Teflon

  14. BulletThe Truth About High Fructose Corn Syrup

  15. BulletNew Studies Find Mercury in High-Fructose Corn Syrup

  16. BulletMedical Misdiagnosis All Too Common

  17. BulletBeans, The “Almost Wonder Food”

  18. BulletModern Medicine - Flawed Origins

  19. BulletAre You Riding a Dead Horse?

  20. BulletCorruption - a Real Medical Epidemic!

  21. BulletDeath by Friendly Fire

  22. BulletMiracle Drugs...They’ve Come Back to Haunt You

  23. BulletOur Toxic World

  24. BulletThe Truth About Chemotherapy

  25. BulletToday’s Nutritional Crisis

  26. BulletThe Truth About Processed Foods

  27. BulletThe Western-Style Diet vs. Supercharged Nutrition

  28. BulletGod Did Not Create...Vitamins

  29. BulletThe Truth About Artificial Sweeteners

  30. BulletDamning New Splenda Study

  31. BulletThe Truth About Prescription Drugs like Prilosec, Prevacid, and Nexium and Over-the-Counter Antacids

  32. BulletThe Truth About Flu Shots

  33. BulletThe Truth About Milk and Soy

  34. BulletThe Truth About Sugar - It’s Deadly

  35. BulletWhat You Really Need to Know About Calcium

  36. BulletWhat You Really Need to Know About Magnesium

  37. BulletHow Safe Is Your Tap Water, Really?

  38. BulletWhy is Fluoride in Your Tap Water?

  39. BulletThe pH Factor - A Real Silent Killer

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