This website is dedicated to the pursuit of wellness. We welcome you, and thank you for stopping by. Wellness is not just the absence of illness. Wellness, in an ideal world, would be avoiding most, if not all of the serious health challenges common to most people, and feeling good all the time. This won't happen for most people, but we're convinced that it is possible.

The successful pursuit of wellness is a way of life, and it requires commitment, determination, and lots of good information. Information brings knowledge, and knowledge is power. We provide relevant, trustworthy information, and lots of it. We report, you decide what's best for you, OK?

This Health News Bulletins section is committed to bringing you news about what's going in the field of health research. We subscribe to nearly twenty health-oriented news services, and the amount of new findings is astronomical. We try our best to bring you news that will assist you, practically, in your pursuit of wellness, and benefit the largest number of people.

Articles posted at this time include current concerns about soft drinks, widely used artificial sweeteners, mobile phones, mammograms, and one of the most popular fish in America, Tilapia, plus lots more.

We encourage you to read the articles, copy and share those that you think would help others, refer others to the website, and use the information for your own personal benefit.

Enjoy your visit to our home.  Lyle

  1. BulletExperts Protect Children from Toxic Chemicals

  2. BulletShould Hot Dogs Carry a Warning Label?

  3. BulletCalcium and Cardiovascular Problems

  4. BulletAutism Linked to Vinyl Floors

  5. BulletNIH-Funded Study Proves Accupuncture Beneficial

  6. BulletDangerous Exposure to Radiation Soars

  7. BulletVeggies Effective Against Breast Cancer

  8. Bullet“Experts” Think Americans Should Be Popping More Pills

  9. BulletHarnessing Bio-Energy

  10. BulletChlorinated Water May Boost Cancer Risk

  11. BulletHarmful Fluoride Levels Found in Tea

  12. BulletKiller Diarrhea Bug Stalking American Seniors

  13. BulletStudies Reveal Soft Drink Dangers

  14. BulletYoplait Cancer Awareness Campaign Not Honest

  15. BulletNew Study on Splenda and Sucrose

  16. BulletAntacids Increase Food-poisoning Link

  17. BulletAutism Study Links Vaccines

  18. BulletPlastic Bottles Leach Carcinogens

  19. BulletPrescription Errors on the Rise

  20. BulletMobile Phones to Unleash Tumor Epidemic

  21. BulletMammograms - “Worse Than Useless”

  22. BulletZest for Life Extends Lifespan

  23. BulletVytorin Linked to Cancer

  24. BulletTilapia - Tasty, Cheap, and Dangerous

  25. BulletMany Surgeries are Pointless and Unjustified

  26. BulletInfant Formula and Melamine

  27. BulletVaccine Layering is Risky Business

  28. BulletSoy is Not Health Food

  29. BulletThe Truth About Melamine

  30. BulletPopcorn Lung Disease

  31. BulletDental Cavities Can Be Prevented, Naturally

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