Welcome to the Nutritional supplement section of this website. Let me make this point very clear . . . people who consume the typical Western-style-diet are not pursuing wellness!!!

Ninety-five percent of Americans never come close to the 5 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables recommended in the latest USDA (United Stated Department of Agriculture) advisory. A statement (one of many, really) made twenty five years ago by Dr. Paavo Airola, pH.D. really changed our lives, and helped us begin our own "pursuit of wellness." He said, "Those who advocate eating natural foods as the only source of vitamins and minerals live in a dream world of yesterday. Yesterday's law is today's folly."

That concept may have been true in "the good ol' days," but not anymore. We've planted a garden for fifty years, but you just can't eat enough food to provide what your body requires to stay healthy in the environment in which we live, today. Dr. Airola remains one of America's foremost nutritionists. We discuss this and other related issues, thoroughly, in the articles on the Featured Articles section, in case you haven't read them, before.

Currently, an estimated 175, 000.000 Americans buy some form of "nutritional" supplement. In reality, 95-98% of them are useless, and do not compliment the knowledgeable pursuit of wellness. The supplements in this section are ones we use daily. They are superior to most, because they originate in "real" food, and are NOT chemical-based, as are most of what is bought in drug, grocery and health food stores. Not only are they a BIG waste of money, but they defraud you because they don't deliver what they promise, healthy results.

Learn about these world-class supplemts. Click on the informational article that is provided with each supplement. Compare what you may be taking with what they provide, and satisfy yourself that this is a genuine treasure-trove of healthy supplements.

Thank you for taking the time to consider what we offer. Questions??? Contact Lyle at 800-829-9913 or e-mail him at

  1. BulletAlliPAWS - Healthier Pets

  2. BulletHealthy Heart Therapy - Fast Acting

  3. BulletBeyond Greens - Super Organic Nutrition

  4. BulletTiaga Immune Formula

  5. BulletAllicin - Nature’s Powerful Antimicrobial

  6. BulletSerralone - Pain, Fibrin and Inflamation

  7. BulletCatalytic Silver Solution - Nature’s Antimicrobial

  8. BulletRice Plus - Stabilized Rice Bran - Whole Food

  9. BulletMEGA-MAG - Ionic Liquid Magnesium

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